My Struggle with Fitness Goals and Vacation


A very strong friend of mine recently returned from a trip to Australia. When she came home, she couldn’t do a muscle up or a human flag – exercises she can normally do with ease. She complained about feeling incredibly weak and out of touch with her exercises. I knew exactly what she was talking about. And it sucks. As my trip to Florida was approaching in a few days, I began to worry that I too would fall victim to this all too common state: happy, but over-indulged.

Fortunately for my friend, it won’t take her long to get back into her fitness routine and consequently feeling strong. After eating regular foods and returning to normal, non-vacationing levels of alcohol consumption, she’ll be good as gold in no more than a week. I know what she’s going through all too well though; we become lenient with our food choices and are not counteracting the calorie intake with our regular fitness. Our muscles feel all lazy and neglected.

Visiting China… in Orlando?? #Epcot

It’s not really anything to be ashamed of – vacationing is supposed to be a break from routine. But my personal fitness goals include never taking a break from my progress, meaning going on vacation is no excuse. My goal for my 4 day trip is to not fall too hard off the wagon. I absolutely hate coming off of vacation feeling weak and bloated. I find I am very quick at losing strength over a short period of time and with competition season fast approaching, I can’t afford to dilly dally! The plan is to do at least some exercise everyday, in addition to the copius amount of walking around Universal and Disney (which is nothing short of a marathon), and make healthier choices by limiting snacks and ordering smaller portions. Sounds great, huh? As I am writing this on my flight to Florida, this all sounds great on paper. Let’s see how I really made out:

Thursday: We arrived at about 2pm, and didn’t stop until 9pm so I’m lucky I got anything in at all!

  • 1 min high knees
  • 100 crunches
  • 30 mountain climbers

I’m ashamed to say I didn’t feel anything after this very mini workout, but I also did it half asleep… so that’something.

Friday – Sunday: Absolutely nothing!

Well then, I kind of knew that would happen. However, I totally forgot how EXHAUSTING it is to walk around these parks – I mean, you’re there for almost 12 hours, maneauvering around a large area with little time for sitting. We came back to the hotel just completely tuckered out and crashed around 930 pretty well every night.

I just wanna bang on this drum all day!

In terms of eating, I didn’t eat much but what I did eat wasn’t always the best. I did make healthier choices (fruit for breakfast, carrots for day time snacks, etc) when I could so I don’t feel too bad about this.

Overall, I think it is difficult but not impossible to keep up with a healthy lifestyle on vacation. If you’re a sucker for a temptation like me, make sure to pack healthy snacks to bring into the park or bring along with you during the day. Not only is it healthier, it’s also way cheaper. In terms of exercise, I would say don’t beat yourself up too much about exercising everyday. If you’re trip lasts a week, try to schedule in a gym session (if your hotel has a gym) in the middle of your week so you don’t go too long without a workout. If you can muster the energy (unlike me), take some time to fit in a mini workout in the morning whenever you can or hit up the pool and do some laps. You don’t have to do a lot! Worse case, you can do tricep dips or high knees while waiting in those long ride lines. I’m on vacation… don’t judge!

So, why am I writing this even though I didn’t succeed? Well, I don’t feel like I attained my goal, but I also don’t feel so terrible about it either. I made an effort to eat better, which I did, and I stayed active everyday of the trip. I just know I’ll have to train even harder this week – whatever, that ain’t so bad. Sometimes we set out to do one thing, and plans change. Instead of beating myself up over how I didn’t ‘succeed’, I have to move on and do my best to bounce back. If you’re heading out on vacation and have the same worries, all I can say is best of luck and don’t stress! Don’t make excuses for yourself, but also don’t get discouraged if you really cannot find the time. Every little bit of effort counts!

climb on xx

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