Rain and Rumney – Oct. 2015

Seb and I picked the worst weekend – rainy, wet and cold. Unfortunately, we knew it was going to rain but we decided to trudge on, and hope that the weather gods would bless us. They did not.

We arrived Friday morning, after having left Thursday night and stopping in Freeport overnight to sleep. It was absolutely pouring when we pulled into the parking lot, and there were no cars in sight. Seb was incredibly eager to get on something, but I feared that a trek to the cliffs would only leave us soaked and disapointed. He decided to go up anyway to Monster’s from the Id wall to check out Doctor No and Stone Monkeys. Stone Monkeys was wet, and Doctor No seemed like a likely route to claim your gear for good. We decided to drive to North Conway instead and shop.

Reading Cosmo in a nice, dry, truck (like a wuss) while Seb explored


Not a climber in sight!


Puddles, puddles everywhere!

Since we do a lot of camping, we’ve gotten creative with our meal choices. Mostly we opt for pasta stuffed with meat or cheese, because it’s pre-cooked and easy to heat up on our stove. But, Wal-Mart didn’t seem to carry our pasta so we looked around for another option. We came up with honey chicken and brown rice… it was delicious. You could virtually do this with any combination of things, just go to the frozen food section and find whatever pre-cooked meal you like! The sauce in this one was great for the rice!


Definitely what we needed to warm ourselves up

Saturday was nicer – no rain, and the sun was out most of the day. The unfortunate part though was that it was still quite chilly, and some climbs were still wet if not damp. Seb decided to give Stone Monkeys a try, even though two crucial crimps were seeping. Even with a lot of brushing and drying,  the route was still too wet to climb. Thank God for perma draws!

Stone Monkey, 5.13d – look at that overhang!

After Stone Monkeys, I had a surge of ambition and wanted to get on Romancing the Stone 5.10c, but was quickly shut down when I couldn’t feel the rock beneath my fingers. I had forgotten how I really don’t enjoy climbing in the cold – I have a hard time committing when I can’t feel the hold I’m on. After two bolts, I reluctantly bailed. Very disappointing, but I tried not to get down on myself. After not having any luck with sport, we decided to head over and do some bouldering at Black Jack Boulders!

Satan’s Sister Sally, v10. Dark picture, but you can see how cool the overhang is!


The Umbrella Traverse v2 – but without proper beta, it feels like a v3+. It definitely felt like a v3+.

Pyramid Power v8 – SEND

Caver’s Problem v5 – we originally thought this was the v10 variation “Caver’s Direct” but we were mistaken.

As you can see, there aren’t too many pictures of me climbing… and that’s because I didn’t climb much. Me + cold don’t mix. But, I did enjoy looking at routes I’d like to project next time we come back, while also playing photographer. Overall, it wasn’t the best climbing trip, but it was still a nice trip no less!

climb on xx

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