#tuesdaycorenight #10 – October 27, 2015

Another Tuesday core night has arrived! I hope most of you are settling back nicely into gym climbing with the cold weather creeping in. It’s been quite chilly around here lately but it’s Canada, and it’s fall! It’s to be expected.

I’ve had a lot of suggestions given to me lately on what to include on #tuesdaycorenight so you’ll find the structure changing slightly from week to week. No matter the structure, I promise to always keep them short! This week’s workout is similar to my last few posts, but with a slight variation. I’ve decided to do without the rests in between sets, and the sets have become shorter. Don’t close this window just yet! I found this workout even easier than the one with rests, so give it a shot! This one is only 8 minutes! Enjoy 🙂

30 secs: L leg lifts – lay flat on your back, arms by your side. Bring your straight legs up to a 90º bend at your waist. Lower your legs slowly, and repeat. (Your body looks like an “L”, hence the name)

30 secs: side plank

30 secs: side plank (opposite side)

30 secs: bicycles

Repeat 4X

climb on xx

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