My Fitness Goals for October – Results!

With November comes the ultimate blow to the head that is checking in on last month’s goals. If you read my list of goals for October, you’ll remember that there were only 5 goals on that list. Here’s how I did:

1.20 second hang on large slopers – ACHIEVED : October: 8 seconds/November: 20 seconds

I’m not surprised that I achieved this because we have been working a lot on finger strength. I’ve worked up to doing this with a weight vest on too, so that’s a nice improvement!

2. Lean out 5lbs  – October: 130lbs/November: 128lbs

Turns out losing weight is harder said than done… duh. I’ve been keeping up with my cardio twice a week, which was the plan, but my eating varied quite a bit. Half way through the month I decided to start counting calories and I did so successfully for a week or so, then I became too lax with my choices. I never over-indulged (not counting Halloween weekend), but I still didn’t stay focused on my goal. You’ll see this goal repeated for November

3. 15 pull ups – October: 12/November: 13

This was something I was training regularly in August and September, but for some reason stopped doing in October. Fortunately, I still beat last month’s top score, but I still didn’t achieve what I wanted to. There’s still work to be done!

4. 15 straight leg lifts – ACHIEVED: October: 8/November: 15

Core night is paying off! Although I haven’t attempted leg lifts in awhile, I have been doing different core routines twice a week. My plan is to move away from the floor routine and bring things back to the wall with climbing specific core exercises (like leg-lifts, and lever training).

5. Full sideways splits – no change

This I am somewhat disappointed in not achieving, but still quite proud of myself in the amount of progress I’ve made in such a short time. I think looking back now, it was an unrealistic goal. I still do my split stretches after every bike/climb (which works out to about 5 times a week), so really, all this goal needs is time! I’m doing what I can, and can’t really speed this up much more than I already am. So for that, I think I’m on the right track.

There you go, success and failure. It’s very hard to be honest with myself and admit that things didn’t go quite as planned. But it’s a nice slap in the face that I will get nowhere without direction and self-discipline. It’s a difficult thing to master, but not impossible. I will be posting November’s goals shortly… give me strength!

Climb on xx

2 thoughts on “My Fitness Goals for October – Results!

  1. I think I need to set monthly fitness goals for myself. And I have my side splits, though they’re not perfect because you have to have perfect turnout anyway…which I don’t. But I can’t do those splits because it’ll start to damage my hip flexor again.

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    • October was my first month trying monthly goals, and I found it helped with steering my training in the right direction. Sorry to hear about your hip flexors… darn injuries! That’s awesome you have your side splits! I’m trying hard to get there too!


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