How to Warm-up for Climbing



Warming up for any sport is such a tedious task. When I get to the gym, I just want to climb ASAP – I really don’t feel like swinging my arms around and taking time away from actually climbing. It was only when I pulled a tendon in my finger did I learn to appreciate a good warm-up. Don’t pull a me (pun intended) and do without –  you’ll regret it in the long run.

Your body needs to gradually build up to strenuous exercise. Your joints need time to loosen and your muscles need that increase in blood flow to carry out that awesome climbing sesh you came for. It’s very easy to skip a warm-up. Trust me, I know. But if you’re in climbing for the long-haul, and ESPECIALLY if you’re climbing hard stuff, always remember to respect your body and dedicate a nice warm-up to those muscles and joints who do wonders for you on the wall.

That being said, it definitely took me a long time to find a routine that suited me well. I’ve watched many youtube videos and have read countless blogs about proper warm ups to create something of my own. This routine that I’m about to share is what I’ve been doing for the past year, and it works really well for me! Enjoy!









When that’s done, take off your shoes and rest for at least 5 minutes. Listen to your body – if you feel like you’re still not warmed up, do what needs to be done! Traverse, climb some more easier routes, do more dynamic stretches or whatever else until you finally feel ready. 🙂

Climb on xx

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