The Struggle is Real: My Climbing Injury Thought Process

It seems like just as I’m getting into a solid training routine, I fall victim to an illness or end up hurting myself. Currently, I am suffering from the latter. I unfortunately took a weird fall in the gym by greasing off a finish hold and landing awkwardly on my leg. My doctor says I’ve strained the Plantaris muscle in my calf, which luckily only takes a couple of weeks to heal WITH REST. So far so good, but it’s still paining me quite a bit. Apparently, not everyone has this muscle (weird!) but it can still be quite bothersome to pull.


But, instead of moping around and hating the fact that I can’t do much except hobble along with my more able friends, here’s my thought process whenever I am limited by an injury. Enjoy!

Day 1

“I can probably still climb. I should climb!”

“Climbing was a bad idea. Maybe I should listen to the doctor/the internet and rest.”

Day 2

“What did I ever do with all this time before climbing??”

Day 3

“Resting sucks. If I just go into the gym to chat, that will be fine…”

“That was a bad idea, stay away from the gym.”

Day 4

“Oh my God! I’m never going to climb the same again! This is just going to keep coming back, it’s never going to heal properly, and oh God, I’m going to start regressing in my training, I’m going to be weak and back to beginner routes and…”

Day 5

“Ooh chips! Yes please. Resting in style! Who am I kidding, I eat chips all the time anyway.”

Day 6

“This is so boring, Seriously, what do regular people do after supper every day?”

Day 7

“I’m starting to feel better! That’s good enough for me. Where are my shoes?”

“That was a dumb idea. Oh well, like I was going to take that much time off anyway. I’ll rest this weekend…”

And then I proceed to ignore all advice to rest. Besides having to be on my feet all day for work, I’m actually doing well with resting this time around. I’m surprised! I have about one more week of rest before I can do hard exercise so hopefully I can keep busy with upper body stuff. Here’s to hoping! 🙂

Climb on xx

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