What’s in my Bag? Climbing Edition!


This has been trending for some time so I thought I would add my own bag to the mix! For the first couple of years of my climbing career, I didn’t even own a bag. I had my pack for climbing outdoors of course, but it was much too big to bring with my every time I went to the gym, especially when I only carried my chalk and shoes. I would usually leave my shoes at the gym too (it was much easier than bringing them back and forth with every visit). You can do that sort of thing at our gym, it’s nice 🙂

That all changed though, when I won my first day-pack! Oddly enough, it’s actually a children’s pack… which several people have pointed out to me. That explained why the straps were so thin. But I love it anyway! Nonetheless, I finally had a place to store all my things. After awhile, I started carrying more and more. On competition day, my bag is packed to the brim with extra things not shown here (gatorade, snacks, camera, etc). On a normal day though, I really only carry the necessities and, of course, some random things as well:



  • bobby pins
  • old competition score sheet
  • hold brush
  • urec membership card
  • jump rope
  • KT Tape – *injury prone person staple
  • shoes
  • chalk
  • water bottle
  • *Not featured because I am out: finger tape
  • ipod – without wifi access for comp pump ups!

Not featured:

  • like 45 cents in dimes and nickels
  • one earring
  • granola bar wrapper
  • loose chalk EVERYWHERE
  • KT tape wrappers

Do you carry anything different in your pack on a regular basis? 🙂

Climb on xx


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