VERTICAL LIMIT (A Telling Re-Telling)

Salutations, folks!

 For those who don’t know me, my name is Ryan Siacci. You may or may not be privy to my opinionated ramblings which take place over at my home blog, Zen and the Art of Climbing1. Today, however, I have been summoned by the powers of The Dihedral to do battle against a mortal foe, a demon of cinema, a scourge on the soul of climbing…

 I am, of course, talking of no other film than the infamous Vertical Limit2. Here is a movie which did for climbing what Nixon did for American politics – maimed its reputation so comprehensively as to prove irreparable. Our journey begins with sweeping vistas of Monument Valley and unfortunate close-ups on a bird which might have been more convincing had it been jiggled across the frame on a piece of fishing line. This is probably…

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